Square contest rules


  • To enter the contest, customers must select the squares on the game grid sheet, submit and complete the purchase.
  • Purchases can only be completed using cash funds from customer accounts. Bonus funds cannot be used to purchase entries.
  • Once the  purchase is complete, the player’s name will be assigned to the square and no-one else will be able to purchase that square.
  • Once the contest fills or the game starts, numbers will be assigned and the game board will be complete.
  • All contests run and feature a 100% payout regardless of whether or not all 100 squares have been purchased.
  • All sales are final.
  • Winnings will be paid in cash funds and credited to your account.
  • Winnings from FREE SQUARES given via any type of promotional offer will be credited in Free Play with a 7x Roll Over, unless otherwise stated.


  • The total, accumulative score of each team at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters, along with the Final score, determines the winners.
  • The last number in each team’s total score is matched with the grid and the owner of the square where those numbers intersect is the winner. (Example: The total score at the end of the 2nd Quarter is Arizona Cardinals 14, New England Patriots 10. The last number for the Cardinals is 4, and the last number for the Patriots is 0. The square on the game board that has the Cardinals number 4 and Patriots number 0 would be the winner of the 2nd Quarter Prize.).
  • The Final score includes any points accumulated in Overtime, if played.
  • If Overtime is played, the points scored in the Overtime will be added to the 4th Quarter points in the Box Score.

Prize Payouts NFL, NCAA Football and NBA

  • 1st Quarter: 20% of the Prize Pool
  • 2nd Quarter: 20% of the Prize Pool
  • 3rd Quarter: 20% of the Prize Pool
  • Final Score: 40% of the Prize Pool

Prize Payouts NCAAB

  • 1st Half: 40% of the Prize Pool
  • 2nd Half: 60% of the Prize Pool

NCAAB 2nd Half will be paid according to the final score of the event.

All unfilled contests feature 100% payouts for winners.