Horse Wagering rules

Xbet offers daily horse racing from various tracks around the world. You can call our wagering line to place your bets or you may access our online Racebook. All horse wagers will follow the rules detailed here:

  • A time stamp will be placed on all horse wagers and wagers must be placed 2 minutes prior to the start of the race.
  • Bets will not be accepted after post time. In the event the race starts before the advertised post time and for that reason the customers are able to place wagers after the race has started all wagers are void.
  • Xbet will not be liable for wagers that were unsuccessfully entered before post time. We recommend that our clients check their pending wagers before logging out of their accounts to ensure the wagers were placed correctly.
  • All wagers are final once they have been confirmed and submitted.
  • We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove customers from our rebate programs at any time.

About Rebates

  • The 7% rebate only applies to wagers placed through the racebook. It does not apply to any horse match-ups or other wagers made through the sportsbook.
  • No rebate will be given on cancelled wagers or wagers refunded due to a scratch.
  • No rebate will be paid on Win, Place and Show tickets that pay $2.20 to $2 or less.
  • Rebates are paid daily after midnight. There is no rollover requirement associated with the rebate. However, rebates are intended to be a bonus for clients to play with and therefore cannot be cashed out immediately after they’ve been received.
  • The amount paid may vary depending on the bet and track. Players who only place straight bets on Tracks A-B-C are entitled to receive 3%. Exotic bets pay 7% on A Tracks, 5% on B Tracks and 3% on C Tracks.