Responsible Gaming


Xbet takes the issue of responsible gaming seriously and we are dedicated to helping you stay entertained and in control.  We are committed to providing a safe, enjoyable responsible gaming platform.

We encourage a socially responsible attitude to gaming within our industry, both with our licensees and within our own company, as we proactively seek to avoid any gaming-related issues while providing our services both fairly and legally.

We take an active role in ensuring that we have all possible measures available to us to track, limit and prevent gambling from being a source of harm to the small number of users that may have developed a gambling problem.

Xbet has developed and implemented clear policies, procedures and practices in relation to problem gambling and responsible play. Our staff are subject to regular training on the subject and exposed to the available tools and independent third-party help organizations that exist to prevent gambling becoming an issue for the account holder.

  1. Improving awareness and educating users and clients on responsible gaming practices
  2. Protection of minors and other vulnerable individuals
  3. User protection and self-help tools
  4. Proactive detection of problem gaming issues
  5. Internal training and procedures
  6. External training and working with industry self-help organizations
  7. Reporting and regular audits

Protecting the Vulnerable and underage from gambling

Xbet does not accept users who are underage, vulnerable or those that are actively Self Excluded.

Xbet takes the issue of underage gambling very seriously and in compliance to our licensing requirements we will take all reasonable measures available to allow only those of the legal age (21+) to register a player account and wager real money.

As a socially responsible operator we have policies, procedures and tools in place to prevent underage gambling and furthermore these tools will be regularly tested and audited.

Any marketing material on our platform including any terms and conditions will make it clear that underage gambling is illegal.

To ensure that minors do not access our online products an effective registration process is in place that records name, address and date of birth. This is then verified using an independent 3rd party KYC service provider.

If verification cannot be satisfied by automatic means all reasonable endeavors will be undertaken including manual checks to pass verification. Should verification still not be possible then all necessary measures will be employed including blocking the user from continuing to play until verification has been secured – this may be achieved by receipt of proof of age and identity documents. The deposit/withdrawal of any funds will cease until age and identity has been confirmed.

In the event that any underage activity is detected, we will refund any transactions back to the payment method used to fund the account.  Xbet will make a record of the underage user in order to prevent further attempts to play and report the incident to the relevant authorities.

Staying in Control

The following list of control tools can be utilized to create an environment that allows safe gambling within limits:

  1. Account Deposit Limits
  2. Account Cool offs
  3. Account Self-exclusion
  4. Account Closures

Account Deposit Limits

Functionality can be set to allow self-imposed deposit limits which allows users to make an informed choice on their level of spend.

To manage your limits, please contact customer service through live chat or email.

Account Time Outs

Customer can temporarily disconnect from playing or accessing their account for a pre-set period of time, this can range from between 24 hours to 6 months.

Time out requests should be activated with immediate effect and members will be unable to access the site until the time out has expired. Time out periods cannot be overridden.

To request a time out, please contact customer service through live chat or email.

Account Self-Exclusion

Self-exclusion is an industry recognized closure program whereby a user makes an informed decision and commitment to refrain from using online gambling websites. As a responsible gaming provider, Xbet is committed to ensuring that this solution is available and upheld and this tool forms a core element of our Responsible Gaming policy.

Once authorized, it is not possible for any closure requests to be overridden.

Self-exclusion is a agreement whereby the customer and operator agree that the user should refrain from gambling and by doing so should not create any further accounts with the operator. Additionally, the operator should employ all reasonable measure to ensure that the user has not been able to get on the site and create any new accounts. We take responsible gambling very seriously and if you try to open other accounts with us during your period of exclusion we will do our best to detect and close them.

All claims of gambling problems will result in a permanent disable of a users account.

General Account Closures

Accounts may be closed by the user at any time for any reason.  If you decide to close your account, you can do so by contacting our customer service team via live chat or email.

Xbet reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently close an account at any time in accordance with our general terms and conditions and if it is found that the account has breached specific policies including but not limited to the following:

  1. Bonus Abuse
  2. Fraud
  3. Suspicious transactions
  4. Collusion
  5. Money Laundering
  6. Use of robots
  7. Underage usage
  8. Breach of Self Exclusion
  9. Misuse or manipulation of any fault or error in our software

Self Help Organizations

There are many organizations that provide services to anyone who may be concerned with their gambling or wanting support.  We recommend that you contact one of the following professional organizations if you feel you require any help or guidance; and

Staff Training

Xbet is committed to providing a culture of compliance amongst all staff.  Regular training on core subjects such as Responsible gaming are provided.

The training and support program is designed as a continual process that is aimed at raising the awareness levels of responsible gaming issues and providing industry updates related to regulatory initiatives and campaigns.