Wagering or Rollover requirement examples

If you accept an XBet Bonus, whether free play or cash, you will be required to meet a “rollover requirement” before submitting your payout request.

The rollover requirement is a set amount of action, based on your deposit plus bonus, that must be achieved before the withdrawal. Without the requirement, players could deposit, receive the bonus, and immediately withdraw.

If this were the case we could not offer the world-class bonuses which we do. The rollover on a standard XBet bonus is 10x the deposit amount plus the bonus.

Example A: You deposit $100 and receive the 100% sign up bonus with a ten-time rollover

Deposit  Bonus 100%  Rollover Rollover Requirement = (Deposit+Bonus) x Rollover
$100 $100 10 x $2000

What this means is you must place $2000 in total action, regardless of winning or losing the wagers, to meet the rollover requirement and thus be eligible for a withdrawal.

Example B: You deposit $100 and receive the 25% reload bonus with a five-time rollover

Deposit  Bonus 25% Rollover Rollover Requirement = (Deposit+Bonus) x Rollover
$100 $25 5 x $625

As you can see, the rollover requirement varies based on the size of the bonus you accept. As a general rule, the lower the bonus percentage, the lower the rollover.

Please note that only the lowest amount between the risk and the win counts towards your rollover requirement. For instance: KC Chiefs (-110) $110.00 to win $100.00. $100.00 would be applied towards the pending rollover and not $110.

If you are planning on withdrawing shortly after your deposit you can accept no bonus to avoid the rollover requirement.