List of Sports Bet Types

Straight Bets

A straight bet can be made by choosing a team and the associated point spread. The cost of the bet typically is 10/11, or risk $110 to win $100.

Teaser Bets

A teaser is a combination between 2 and 10 football or basketball wagers. You can adjust the point spreads and/or totals to your advantage in exchange for a lower payout. When your teaser includes a point spread, you can decrease the spread for the favorite (or increase the spread for the underdog). When the teaser includes a total, you can increase the “under” or decrease the “over.”

  • Xbet will grade the entire wager as a loss if any part of the teaser results in a loss. There are no partial payouts.
  • A push in a regular teaser of 3 or more teams will reduce the number of plays in the teaser. For example, a 5-team teaser that results in two pushes will become a 3-team teaser, and the payout will get recalculated based on the new number of plays.
  • A push or tie in any 2-team regular teaser will result in a push for the whole teaser, unless the other game gets graded as a loss. If any portion of a 2-team teaser is graded “no action,” the entire teaser will be graded “no action,” unless the other team is graded as a loss.
  • Xbet will grade as “no action” any event which does not take place on the date specified in the wager, and the teaser will reduce accordingly.
  • In the event that any teaser selection pushes or ties, the following rules apply. For special teasers, any tie or push is considered a loss. For 2-team teasers, tie + win = push, and tie + loss = loss. For teasers of more than 2 teams, a tie reverts the teaser to the next lower level


In the event that any of the teaser selections result in a “push,” the following rules apply:

  • For special teasers, any tie is considered a loss.
  • For 2-team teasers, tie + win = push, and tie + loss = loss.
  • For teasers of 3 or more teams, a tie reverts the teaser to the next lower level (ex.: 4-team teaser with 1 push reverts to a 3-team teaser).

 Football Teasers

6 pts 6½ pts 7 pts
2 TEAMS -120 -130 -140
3 TEAMS +150 +135 +120
4 TEAMS +235 +215 +200
5 TEAMS +350 +320 +300
6 TEAMS +550 +500 +475
7 TEAMS +800 +700 +600
8 TEAMS +1300 +1100 +900
9 TEAMS +2000 +1500 +1200
10 TEAMS +2500 +2000 +1600

Basketball Teasers

4 pts 4½ pts 5 pts
2 TEAMS -120 -130 -140
3 TEAMS +150 +135 +120
4 TEAMS +235 +215 +200
5 TEAMS +350 +320 +300
6 TEAMS +550 +500 +475
7 TEAMS +800 +700 +600
8 TEAMS +1300 +1100 +900
9 TEAMS +2000 +1500 +1200
10 TEAMS +2500 +2000 +1600

 Mixed Special Teasers, Football/Basketball

3 TEAMS 10 / 7 PTS -120
4 TEAMS 13PTS FB / 10PTS NBA / 9PTS CBB -130

You can combine two or more teams or totals into one “parlay” wager. The more selections you combine, the greater the odds and the bigger the win amount.

  • Proposition plays and future bets can’t be parlayed.
  • Xbet allows a maximum underdog odds of +500 for circled plays included in parlays.
  • In case of a tie or no action, the parlay will revert to a lower-level payoff, except in a 2-team parlay (tie reverts to a straight bet).

 Parlay Payoffs

2 TEAMS 2.6
4 TEAMS 12
5 TEAMS 24
6 TEAMS 47
7 TEAMS 91
8 TEAMS 175
9 TEAMS 300
10 TEAMS 600

Note: Xbet calculated these payouts on a flat line, which is -110.


Xbet gives you the option to wager on which team is going to win, disregarding the point spread, with moneyline bets.

If Bets

An “if” bet is the combination of 2-4 straight bets, joined together by an “if condition” or “if clause.” There are 2 possible conditions: “if win or tie,” or “if win only.” Likewise, each subsequent leg of the “if” bet will be placed as long as the preceding bet wins.

The main advantage of an “if” bet is that you can place multiple wagers with a limited amount of funds. You can use a single risk amount to place up to 4 wagers, which can be concurrent or overlapping.

Round Robins

Round robins are bets where you pick 3 to 8 teams and match them in as many 2-, 3- or 4-team combinations as possible. When you place a round-robin wager, you aren’t allowed to keep open spots.


This is when you bet on a future outcome that is not dependent on a single game or performance. For instance, when you bet on the Super Bowl winner any time from the preseason to before the AFC and NFC Championship Game.

 Prop Bets

Also called a proposition bet, novelty bet or side bet, a prop bet is a wager that does not directly affect a game’s outcome. For example, the length of the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

Live Betting

These are wagers you can place during the game (after it has started and before it ends). This is a really exciting way to bet on your favorite sports. To access these bets, log into your Xbet account and select “Live Betting” from the left rail of the sportsbook page, and then select the sport on which you want to bet live.

Additional Rules for Specific Wager Types

  • First-half betting – The first half must be completed for wagers to have action.
  • Second-half betting – The second half must be completed for wagers to have action. Overtime counts toward second-half wagers.

 Live Betting General Rules

  • Markets include overtime unless otherwise stated.
  • Xbet has discretion on which lines it offers. We don’t guarantee having a line available at any point in a game. You must place all live-betting wagers online. Xbet offers live in-play lines for televised games on selected sports.
  • Although Xbet makes every effort to display all live, in-play information correctly, use information (such as the score of the game) as a guide. Xbet assumes no liability in the event that any information is incorrect.
  • Any bets placed on live events are automatically delayed for security purposes, and to allow bookmakers to closely monitor odds in order to avoid past-post due to broadcast transmission delays.
  • Players may experience a maximum delay of 15 seconds (plus any additional network delays) depending on the sport and venue. Please be aware that transmissions described as “live” by some broadcasters may actually be delayed.
  • The extent of any delay may vary between customers, depending on the network set-up on which you are receiving data.
  • If Xbet determines that you placed a bet after the outcome of an event, or after the selected participant or team has gained a material advantage (e.g. a score), Xbet will cancel your open and settled bets in question.
  • When there’s an obvious error in Xbet’s lines, Xbet will cancel all bets with that error.
  • Xbet reserves the right to void any wagers in the event that the format of a match differs from our displayed information.
  • Xbet makes every effort to grade bets as soon as the outcome of a market becomes available. Please keep in mind that Xbet’s system needs to obtain the official result in order to settle pending wagers; this process could take a few minutes.
  • Xbet reserves the right to delay settling or grading wagers if their outcome can’t be officially verified. If Xbet incorrectly settles a market, it reserves the right to correct the market at any time. If a match is not finished or played (e.g. disqualification, interruption, withdrawal, etc.), Xbet will void all undecided markets.
  • Please refer to our betting rules for information on how we settle specific markets.
  • Depending on the sport, odds may change drastically from one moment to the next. If you turn on the option to “auto accept changes,” Xbet will accept your bet at the current market odds without any warning or option to cancel the bet. Please be aware that Xbet cannot cancel live-betting wagers, and you are responsible for enabling and disabling this option at your discretion.