Cycling Betting Rules

  1. All bets are settled on the results published by the official race governing body and taking into account any enquiries/jury-decisions made within 24 hours, of the respective stage start time. Beyond this time frame, subsequent enquiries, disqualifications and/or appeals will not affect bets. For multi-stage events, in the event of stages being cancelled, then the official standings after the last completed stage will be used for settlement purposes, providing one stage is completed in full. Where Overall markets are revised in between stages, any bets placed after the final completed stage will be void.
  2. Participants must pass the starting line of the respective event/stage for bets to stand. Otherwise bets will be void and stakes returned.
  3. For Team Classification markets, settlement is based on final standings in time based classifications (should there be more than one Team Competition in a specified event).
  4. Outright markets may be subject to a Rule 4 (Deduction).
  5. Match-ups will be settled upon the cyclist achieving the highest placing in the specified event/stage. In the event of one or both cyclists not passing the starting line then bets will be deemed void. If both cyclists start but fail to finish a specific event/stage then bets will be deemed void. If both cyclists start a specific event/stage and only one fails to finish then the cyclist who completes the specific event/stage will be deemed the winner.