Hockey betting Rules

Hockey Rules

  1. If a game is not played on the scheduled date, all wagers will be graded “No Action”
  2. If a venue is changed, bets already placed will stand, provided the home team is still designated as such.
  3. Hockey games are official after 55 minutes of play.
  4. For period betting, the quoted period must be complete for wagers to be official.
  5. Overtime/Shootouts is included on all wagers.
      5.1 Regulation Time (3-Way) Wagering is graded according to the first 60 minutes of play
      5.2 Overtime does not count for Third Period wagering
  6. In the event of a game being decided by a Penalty Shootout, one goal will be added to the winning team’s score and the game total for settlement purposes.
  7. The player must take the ice during the game for player props to have action.
  8. All International Hockey is settled including overtime and Penalties.
  9. Division winner wagers are graded according to regular season results.
  10. Conference winner wagers include playoffs unless otherwise stated.
  11. All grading disputes will be resolved using as the official source.

Hockey Live Betting

  1. All wagers include overtime and shootout unless otherwise stated.
      1.1 Regulation time (3 Way) wagers are settled according to the result at the end of 60 minutes
  2. For live betting wagers that include the time of an event happening, the time ranges count up from 0:00. For example, the selection “Start of the Period – 6:00” would be for the first 6 minutes of the period, where “6:01 – End of period” would be for the final 14 minutes of the period.
  3. Period specific markets are for goals scored exclusively within the period in question.
      3.1 The period must be complete for wagers to be official unless the result has already been decided.
      3.2 Third period wagering includes Overtime.
  4. All grading disputes will be resolved using as the official source.