Ice Hockey betting Rules (NHL)

  1. Wagers include overtime only when explicitly stated on the market description that the wager is (incl. overtime). Any wager that does not show (incl. overtime) attached to it will be settled according to the results at the end of Regulation Time.
    1. Markets that include overtime:
      1. Full Game Handicap, Full Game Alternate Handicaps, Full Game Total, Full Game Alternate Totals, Full Game Winner (Draw no Bet), Odd/Even
    2. Markets that do not include overtime:
      1. 1×2, Team Totals, Alternate Team Totals, 1st Period Wagers, 2nd Period Wagers, 3rd Period Wagers, Double Chance, Correct Score, 1st Goal, Last Goal, Both Teams to Score, Winning Margin.
    3. In the event of a game being decided by a Penalty Shootout, one goal will be added to the winning team’s score and the game total for settlement purposes.
    4. Market outcome is determined only based on the score in the respective period (e.g., 1st Period, 2nd Period, 3rd Period). Only the goals scored within the nominated period count. Unless otherwise stated, overtime does not count for the result of the 3rd period. The period must have been completed for tickets all that period to stand.
    5. Player must take the ice during the game for player props to have action.
    6. Division winner wagers are graded according to regular season results.
    7. NHL Regular season wins wagers are official once the named team plays at least 80 regular season games.
    8. Regular Season Team Points wagers are calculated as: Teams earn 3 points for regulation wins, 2 points for overtime wins, 1 point for overtime losses, and 0 points for regulation losses.
    9. Conference winner wagers include playoffs unless otherwise stated.
    10. All grading disputes will be resolved using the official league governing body as the official source.  For instance, NHL grading disputes will be resolved using as the official source.

Live Betting

  1. All markets (except period, overtime and penalty shootout markets) are considered for regular time only unless it is mentioned in the market.
  2. If a match is interrupted and continued within 48h after initial kick- off all open bets will be settled with the final result. Otherwise all undecided bets are considered void.
  3. In the event of a game being decided by a penalty shootout, then one goal will be added to the winning team’s score and the game total for settlement purposes. This applies to all markets including overtime and penalty shootout
  4. If the market remains open when the following events have already taken place: goals and penalties, we reserve the right to void betting.
  5. If a wrong score is entered all markets will be cancelled for the time when the incorrect score was displayed.
  6. If a match is interrupted or postponed and is not continued within 48h after initial kick-off date betting will be void.
  7. Anytime goal scorer, if an unlisted player scores a goal or earns a point, all bets on listed players stand.
  8. Player Points, for settlement purposes, only goals and assists scored during regular time are considered. Please note that if the score after regular time is 0-0, all bets will be settled as lost.
  9. All bets on players that were listed but left the game before the match ended (such as injuries or expulsions) will stand.
  10. For live betting wagers that include the time of an event happening, the time ranges count up from 0:00. For example, the selection “Start of the Period – 6:00” would be for the first 6 minutes of the period, where “6:01 – End of period” would be for the final 14 minutes of the period.