Motorsports betting Rules

Motorsports Rules

  1. All wagers have action, regardless if the driver competes in the race.
        1. a. If the entire race is cancelled, all wagers are “No Action”
  2. The race must be run within 7 days of the scheduled start time for wagers to have action.
  3. Wagers are settled according to the official result on the day of the race.
        1. a. Results overturned on appeal will not be recognized for grading purposes.
        1. b. Shortened races will be graded according to the final result of the sports governing body.
  4. For head to head matchups both drivers must start the race for wagers to have action.
        1. a. The warm up lap counts as part of the race.
        1. b. In the event that both drivers fail to finish the race, head to head wagers will be settled according to the driver that completed the most laps.
        1. c. Qualifying matchups are graded based on qualifying times only.
  5. For NASCAR wagering, the wager will be settled according to the car which crosses the finish line provided that the listed driver started the race.
  6. All grading disputes will be resolved using the official result of the race league governing body.